About us - CypherOS

Chris Crump

Founder | Lead Developer | Maintainer

The guy that started it all. Chris founded CypherOS in November 2015. The projected started as a continuation of his older rom, named ILA (I Love Android) Rom, but he decided to take this project in another direction with a much more minimalistic approach.

Chris always took inspiration from other rom's and wanted to create something that could be just as great, in it's own way. Stock Android, has always been the best for him. He wanted to implement the same design policy whilst including useful features, utilized throughout the custom rom community.

Chris is the main pioneer for what you experience today, striving for greatness and delivering a beautiful experience for users across the world. That's why he's known as the guy that doesn't sleep!

Aaron Nixon

IT | Co-Lead Developer

The magic man. Aaron is the second hand man in this whole project. He's contributed servers and presented his profound knowledge of code very well.

Aaron joined the team around January 2016. He met Chris through Mani and things took off from there.

Aaron is known in the community for his maintainership for supplying multiple roms from AOKP to Carbon, and many others. He's a great IT specialist and family man with strong love for Android.

He assist Chris with most of his issues and he's on board with making something great. He's the smartest guy on the team and will help further this project for the best.

Mani Kumar

Social Coordinator | Moderator

The pioneer and social genius. Mani sets this project to the highest standard, with his knowledge in marketing and social managing.

Mani joined the team in January 2016. He was the first to join CypherOS with the same goals as Chris. He loves the community and wanted to be apart of something different, so he made it his long term goal to push our image publicy and keep our users informed. Without him, we wouldn't be where we are.

Our reputation has reached leaps and bounds, because of him. People hear us. People know us. People love us, thanks to him. Mani introduced Chris to Aaron. He pretty much set this whole thing off and is a big part of making us known world wide. Without Mani, Chris wouldn't be motivated and assured to keep the dream going.

Rahul S Nair

Developer | Maintainer

The nerd with swag. Rahul is also a big part of this project. I guess you can say he's a third hand man.

Rahul joined the team around October 2016. He's the newest of the bunch, but his skills with programming are far from amatuer.

Rahul is very known in the community for contributing to several roms, such as, LineageOS and it's deritives. He came to our team, with intentions to maintain a device, but after his contributions, we couldn't help but to let him in.

Rahul also assist Chris with major workload, which helps speed up development as a whole. Rahul is a ladies man with brains, also serves as the teams wingman!

Matias Halperin

Developer | Maintainer

Paul Theodorou

Developer | Maintainer