CypherOS - Beta

Download AOSCP 4

Welcome to the AOSCP 4 Beta, where you are granted the ability to experience pre-release software, to help eliminate bugs, glitches and performance issues. The AOSCP Beta Program provides builds for select devices in a small time frame to allow users to help further development for official releases. Software provided in the Beta Program isn't meant to be production quality. It starts from a seed and grows into something much bigger overtime.

How can i join?
It's simple! Just make sure you read the terms and conditions and you're in! No registration or senstive information required. Be sure you follow the terms at the highest degree. Failure to follow our terms, violates your beta agreement and deferes your input (for development).

Install process

New beta's are submitted at the end of each week, or bi-weekly. It is required, that in between each beta update, a full wipe of System,Data,Dalvik Cache, and Cache is performed. Dirty flashing each update WILL generate more issues than allegedly current within the beta software. We will not provide support to users who did not perform those pre-flashing requirements. If you can't afford to lose current data, or perform a backup, then this program isn't your cup of tea.
AOSCP 4 holds an extensive amount of security measures to ensure your experience and private data is kept safe. We hold all of Google's up-to-date stagefright patches with several media bypass blocks and kernel modifications. We also ship with private signature keys for an extra security. Be advised that with our new security keys, you cannot flash other roms on top of aoscp, vice versa.


Bellow are links for the latest beta releases. If your device is not listed, then it is not a supported contender in the beta program. Don't worry though, you will experience AOSCP 4 when the official release approaches. If you wish to compile your own personal build of AOSCP 4, the manifest is online. Just be sure you repo init the nougat-mr2 branch from the manifest to have the latest sources.