CypherOS - Release Bulletin

Release Bulletins

CypherOS has always had the user's intellect in mind. We don't want to push updates with a general changelog. This still generates questions from the enduser on what's really been done in an update. This is partially due to the fact most users don't quite understand commit messages. And that's acceptable, we don't expect them to, neither is it their job to. Change's made in an update should be as friendly as possible upon presentation, with a wider view on the changes in that particular release. Of course, changelogs will still be generated for users that need quick indicators and aren't too interested in reading a full substantial list, but they will be secondary and non-highlighted additions.

Users will be directed here for a quality and informative result for the latest changes within that update. Users will also be able to view detailed updates pertaining to their device. A 7 digit (SHA-1) commit hash will be hotlinked next to the pertaining change to give users the option to view the change within the code base. This allows user's to submit patches based upon a change to our gerrit to help generate fixes and correct the current patch.


The bulletin structure can be based of off several factors. We first seperate them by package, manufacture, then device. Packages are our repositories we handle within the source code. Each package has their neccessary job which futhers development as whole, considering all packages are dynamically linked. These deciding factors can be determined based upon:

  • Administrative patches performed by internal developers
  • Co-Operative patches performed by external developers
  • Community based patches which were tested and verified on gerrit
Administrative: Patches that are submitted and merged by CypherOS team members only. These specific patches are key factors, as they are directly based on development furthering our software. Patches can be submitted to any repository we natively track and restructure for our releases.

Co-Operative: Patches that are submitted and merged by developers outside of the CypherOS team. These patches are usually in the form of a cherry-pick, maintaining authorship within the source. Co-Operative patches are usually up for further review in most cases, since they come from other sources. We test compatibility and ensure it doesn't conflict with our exisiting code.

Community: Patches that are submitted and merged by the community. These patches conclude, CypherOS users, and/or general Android community memebers. We review any patch submitted by the community extensively to sure they aren't harmful or security intrusive throughout the operating sytem.

Submissions: Submissions are also known as commits, but in our case we've displayed a submission counter, which generates how many core submissions were made for each release. The more submissions to not guarantee the most functional releases. Smaller submitted releases can be more performance driven than the larger ones.

Note: Please be aware that bulletins may or may not include all submissions if they're deemed redundant. This may include translation imports etc.
  • 1023.6.3 Macchiato - May 5th, 2017

    This release contains new UI elements, bug fixes and productivity enhancements throughout the system. Every change is NOT listed here. This only summarizes big changes

    What's new:
    ~ Android 7.1.2 r11 Merges
    ~ May Security Bulletin
    ~ Introduce Update Manager support for COTA
    ~ Cleaned up button features
    ~ Code clean up for keyhandler
    ~ Enabled bug reporting functionality
    ~ Enabled email client functionality
    ~ Interface updates for COTA
    ~ Fixed constructor for ClassPathLoader
    ~ Inherited battey usage alerts
    ~ System optimizations in settings menu
    ~ Introduce Support Manager Interface
    ~ Updated wifi calling interface
    ~ Included Google Turbo proprietary file
    ~ Added Ticker Notification support
    ~ Disable QSB by default in Luna
    ~ Added app predictions in Luna app drawer
    ~ Removed leftover su binaries
    ~ New default wallpaper
    ~ Added Double tap to wake on doze

    ~ Added libc hax for camera
    ~ Disabled fluence on voicerec
    ~ Enabled Pinner Service for pinning files into memory
    ~ Updated fstab
    ~ Use stock Acdb id's
    ~ Imported darkness kernel
    ~ Fixed touchscreen and keypad firmware update process (OP3/3T)

    ~ Android N2G47O (Angler)

    ~ Android N6F27C (Shamu)

    ~ Android N2G47O (Bullhead)

  • 2273.6.2 Macchiato - April 21st, 2017

    This release contains new UI elements, bug fixes and productivity enhancements throughout the system. Every change is NOT listed here. This only summarizes big changes

    What's new:
    ~ Android 7.1.2 r5 Merges
    ~ April Security Bulletin
    ~ PlatLogo Support
    ~ Fixed crash in notifications advanced
    ~ Allow users to turn off QSB
    ~ New settings UI for Luna
    ~ Enable bootup boost globally
    ~ Turn on Power Notification Controls
    ~ New Gallery application
    ~ New icon for Gallery
    ~ Fixed navbar animation after r5 merge
    ~ Disabled persistent drive notification
    ~ Introduce Support Manager Interface
    ~ Ability to hide statusbar on the lockscreen
    ~ Implemented Expanded Desktop
    ~ Headsup Customizations
    ~ Qualcomm updates for Display, Audio, Camera, GPS, and Media
    ~ Implemented QS Column configurations
    ~ Implemented QS Quickbar scroller
    ~ Rewritten Button configurations
    ~ Implemented USB Connection Interface

    ~ New common tree (oppo-common > oneplus-common)
    ~ Imported OneplusParts from Omni
    ~ Sync'd audio properties with upstream (OP3/3T)
    ~ Cleaned up camera shim lib (OP3/3T)
    ~ Updated to OxygenOS 4.1.0 blobs (OP3/3T)
    ~ Removed fpc delays after authentication cancelled (OP3/3T)
    ~ Fixed touchscreen and keypad firmware update process (OP3/3T)

    ~ Fixed liblight shared lib (msm8916)
    ~ Android N6F26Y (Shamu)
    ~ Updates for new PerformanceManager (Shamu)
    ~ Added facelock proprietary file (Shamu)

    ~ Added APTX support (g3-common)
    ~ Added 4k recording profile (g3-common)
    ~ Added NFC Mifare permissions (g3-common)
    ~ Updates for new PerformanceManager (Hammerhead)
    ~ Added facelock proprietary file (Hammerhead)
    ~ Android N2G47F (Bullhead)
    ~ Updated blobs (Bullhead)

    ~ Android N2G47H (Angler)
    ~ Updated blobs (Angler)
    ~ Use atfwd service (Angler)

    ~ Updated Blobs (PME)
    ~ Disabled sdcardfs (PME)
    ~ Config for loading operator props (PME)
    ~ Enabled VR (PME)
    ~ Imported WPA from stock (PME)
    ~ Fixed device model when connected to PC (PME)
    ~ Enabled tethering without provisioning (PME)
    ~ QCOM 2.41.617.3 (PME)

  • 3293.6.1 Macchiato - March 21st, 2017

    This release contains new UI elements, bug fixes and productivity enhancements throughout the system. Every change is NOT listed here. This only summarizes big changes

    What's new:
    ~ Android r25 Merges
    ~ March Security Bulletin
    ~ Rootless Substratum
    ~ Burn-In Protection
    ~ Cleaned up prebuilt SU remains
    ~ Fixed crashes on Luna Launcher
    ~ Backend updates for Gestures
    ~ New PowerMenu settings interface
    ~ Iconography updates for Recorder and Gallery2
    ~ Reintroduce AOSCP Framework
    ~ Reintroduce AOSCP Hardware
    ~ Reintroduce AOSCP Services
    ~ Launchable support for device gestures
    ~ Introduce Anti-Piracy System
    ~ Introduce Wake-up Protection
    ~ CAF Merges
    ~ Telephony, Audio and Display updates
    ~ Headsup Customizations
    ~ Support to enable auto brightness icon
    ~ Implement Music Visualizer
    ~ Fixed DND ZenMode rules

    ~ Fixed RMT Storage (Bacon)
    ~ Added Doze Package (OP2)
    ~ Fixed Tap to Wake (OP2)
    ~ Updated OOS blobs to 4.0.3(OP3/3T)
    ~ Fixed RMT Storage and RFS Access (OP3/3T)
    ~ Added support for aptX codec (OP3/3T)
    ~ Sepolicy updates (OP3/3T)
    ~ Updated blobs for stock 7.1.1 (OP3/3T)
    ~ Fixed RMT Storage and RFS Access (OP3/3T)

    ~ Disabled RFS Access (Victara)
    ~ Fixed RMT Storage (Victara)
    ~ Updated PowerHAL (Shamu)
    ~ Rework Audio policy (Shamu)
    ~ Fixed RMT Storage (msm8610)
    ~ Updated camera modules (msm8610)
    ~ Updated sensors (msm8226)
    ~ Sepolicy fixes (msm8226)
    ~ Fixed RMT Storage and RFS Access (Clark)
    ~ Audio configuration updates (Clark)

    ~ Fixed RMT Storage and RFS Access (g4-common)
    ~ Fixed encryption (g4-common)
    ~ Fixed offmode charging (g4-common)
    ~ New IR HAL (g4-common)
    ~ RIL updates (g3-common)
    ~ Updated WCNSS to D85530c (g3-common)
    ~ Android N4F26T (Bullhead)
    ~ Fixed low speaker bug (Bullhead)

    ~ Android N4F26T (Angler)
    ~ Update blobs for Project Fi (Angler)

    ~ Updated Blobs (PME)
    ~ Added support for aptX (PME)
    ~ RIL Scripts for CDMA (PME)

  • N/A3.6 Initial Release - February 23th, 2017

    This release contains a complete rebase of CypherOS, with new API's and infrastruture, as well as new UI elements

    What's new:
    ~ Complete rebase on AOSP/CAF 7.0 (HAL)
    ~ February Security Bulletin
    ~ Android r22 Merges
    ~ New UX and API's for COTA
    ~ Introduction of AOSCP Hardware
    ~ Introduction of Realtime Scheduling
    ~ Introduction of Boost Framework
    ~ Introduction of Bootup Boost
    ~ Introduction of Luna Gestures
    ~ Integrated swipe for Google Now
    ~ Support for Google Assistant
    ~ New boot animation
    ~ New placement for features system-wide
    ~ Support for NightLight
    ~ New ScreenRecoder/SoundRecorder app
    ~ New Files app for documents
    ~ New app shortcuts for Additions and Messaging (Compose)
    ~ Support for LTE Plus
    ~ Network activity indicators
    ~ Added One Hand Mode
    ~ Support for VOLTE

    ~ New Blobs from M
    ~ Audio updates (PME)
    ~ Network fixes for CDMA (PME & M8)
    ~ Selinx improvements (PME)
    ~ Fingerprint HAL compatibility
    ~ Update blobs from 2.41.401.3 8.0_g

    ~ Update NMF26X (Bullhead)
    ~ Selinux improvements
    ~ DRM Updates
    ~ GPS fixes
    ~ Widevine enhancements

    ~ Fixed extraction scripts (msm8226)
    ~ Update N6F26R (Shamu)
    ~ Fixed Audio echo issues (Shamu)
    ~ Add support for Carrier Services (Shamu)
    ~ Nougat mr1.2 merges (Shamu)
    ~ Fixed Video Calling (Shamu)
    ~ Fixed Offline Charging (msm8916)
    ~ Fingerprint update to NPJ25.93-14

    ~ Audio and Wifi updates from OOS (OP2)
    ~ Add Unified support for OP3/3T
    ~ Update to N Camera Blobs (OP3)

  • 4333.5.1 Maintenance Release - January 7th, 2016

    This release generates a substantial ammount of bug & performance fixes across packages and device trees

    What's new:
    ~ New migrations from host (CM)
    ~ Implementation of Cio System's
    ~ User interface updates
    ~ Activation of Over-The-Air updates
    ~ Updates for Motorola Devices (Kernels & Blobs)
    ~ Updates for OnePlus Devices (Blobs & Infrastructure)
    ~ Translation updates for several packages and resources
    ~ Qualcomm updates (Display, Wlan, Audio, & Camera)
    ~ Updates for LGE Devices (Blobs)
    ~ Updates for Xiaomi Devices (Kenzo)
    ~ Major updates for the HTC family platform (Blobs, Kernels & Common files)
    ~ Maintenance updates for RIl, Telephony and Camera

  • 1333.1.4 Release 13 - December 6th, 2016

    This release generates a substantial ammount of bug & performance fixes across packages and device trees
    All changes may not appear in the Release notes to highlight important changes only. Devices have been updated but are not included in the highlights for this release

    f6bb894- Frameworks/av: Fixed audio for Wifi Display | Co-Operative
    2a3a1d5- Frameworks/native: Workaround HH hardware vsync issues | Co-Operative
    ac0d25c- Frameworks/native: Add support for Exynos HWC services | Co-Operative
    a8652ae- Frameworks/native: Add support for Exynos BGRA mixer | Co-Operative
    6ceda19- Frameworks/base: Ensure accessory detached sent on re-attach | Co-Operative
    35b0c08- Frameworks/base: Make Build.TYPE/FINGERPRINT consistent for apps. | Co-Operative
    6fe82ee- Frameworks/base: Show # of clients connected to hotspot | Co-Operative
    26a167a- Frameworks/base: Turn off wifi hotspot after inactivity | Co-Operative
    460d84c- Frameworks/base: Implement Pixel navbar animation | Co-Operative
    fc62862- Frameworks/base: Add support for software navbar toggling | Administrative
    8f7b48e- Frameworks/base: Implement new battery styles | Administrative
    9b420d4- Frameworks/base: Add remaining Button features | Administrative
    a3cf79d- Frameworks/base: Implement PA battery circle style | Administrative
    7fd3fa5- Frameworks/base: Account for time changes when showing recent activities | Co-Operative
    37d0c1a- Frameworks/base: Track vibrator intensity | Co-Operative
    05039b1- Frameworks/base: Support for MODE_ASK in commandline | Co-Operative
    0048552- Frameworks/base: Do not prune apps that are not present | Co-Operative
    bf29190- System/core: Allow custom charger images | Co-Operative
    f84c5fa- System/core: Allow devices to opt-out of fsck'ing | Co-Operative
    98ffe76- System/core: Set DOWNLOAD_CACHE based on prop | Co-Operative
    6cb832a- Settings: Remove A/B preference if unsupported | Co-Operative
    c3f0cd2- Settings: Turn off wifi hotspot after inactivity | Co-Operative
    8a5b423- Settings: Add Team & Maintainer information | Community
    dfad429- Settings: Update flashlight icon to vectors | Co-Operative
    cfe477e- Settings: Update battery styles to reflect new implementation | Administrative
    196afd5- Settings: Port button options from CM | Administrative
    a0c0b6f- Settings: Add PA battery icon and refractor | Administrative
    e2fef13- Settings: Hide NightLight | Administrative
    0fc49eb- Settings: Use bands.length instead of bands[0] | Co-Operative
    4b264ee- Settings: Add CMHW vibrator intensity | Co-Operative
    2610d6f- Build: Export variable for internal infrastruture | Administrative
    3887758- Build: Append cc/cxx wrapper to sdclang | Co-Operative
    064b8f8- Build: Add FDO support | Co-Operative
    e28058b- Vendor: Set cache partition location | Administrative
    2596b58- Vendor: Don't build CMAudioService | Administrative

  • 183.1.3 Release 12 - November 27th, 2016

    This release generates a substantial ammount of bug & performance fixes across packages and device trees
    Release 12 is a small patch update derived from 3.1.2 Release 11, which does not include release notes

    03030ca- MediaProvider: Add read storage permission | Co-Operative
    9fdbb8c- Kernel/MSM8992: Forcefully lookup entities when the cache is inconsistent | Co-Operative
    e7d143c- Audio/msm8994: Fix warnings in Hal&Policy | Co-Operative
    0d18747- F2FS-Tools: Add missing src file | Co-Operative
    e43aa8e- Bootable/Recovery: Add libselinux dependencies | Co-Operative
    81beee6- CMSDK: Include CMHW features | Co-Operative
    cd174dc- Vendor: Add official support for Redmi Note 3 | Community
    78b7a90- Vendor: Cleanup 3G config for Vietnamese networks | Co-Operative
    462c3ce- Vendor: Enable hidden storage manager | Co-Operative
    4f5b922- Vendor: Drop support for NFC Enhanced | Administrative
    fba488f- Vendor: Drop support for Oneplus X | Administrative
    7c6458f- Frameworks/base: (Revert) Fix system sever crash | Administrative
    e080c5a- Frameworks/base: Performance fixes | Administrative
    fffae32- Frameworks/base: Fixed SystemUI colors | Community
    ced3718- Settings: Enable CarrierLabel for MSIM | Community
    573e344- COTA: New baseline infrastruture | Administrative
    d42d7c3- COTA: Readjust header view | Administrative
    82dfbca- COTA: Reconstruct notification icon | Administrative