Status - CypherOS
NOTE: The information provided below may not be accurate to it's current state. Information is updated every 24-hours for perodic changes in status. Information can also be updated when a change has been reported to a team member.

Gerrit Code-Review

Our code review tool to analyze and distribute updates to the main source. This tool is open to the public and submissions are welcome throughout the community. Reviews can take up to 1 week before approval.


Our automatic build service that compiles a release for each device via script. Our scripts also upload each device to our download servers. Jenkins is not visible to the community at this time.

Download Host

Our servers that host all of our current and previous releases for users to download. This server is admin only and not visible to the community. This server is automatically updated each release.

Build System

Our central compile system that allows anyone to build our software for their device. This system rarely goes offline but can be limited sometimes. This system is open to the public for everyone.